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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Priorities all wrong

I was driving along 237 to work this morning. I saw a big cloud of smoke about 50 feet up ahead, then I noticed a car spinning uncontrollably in the fast lane, it crashed into the center divide and stopped on the shoulder with it's nose in the fast lane.

I slowed down, turned my hazard lights on to warn the car coming up behind me and a thought went through my head: "This better not make me late for work.".

I drove past in the slow lane relieved that my schedule wasn't messed up by this inconsiderate bastard having their accident.

Meanwhile, there was a fellow humanbeing pointing the wrong way on a freeway, airbag in her face, probably injured, undoubtedly terrified, in shock and I just drove past. I should have stopped.

I felt guilty for being so selfish and I was disgusted with myself that my priorities have got so fucked up.

Sorry lady. Hope you weren't hurt. :'(


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