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Friday, October 23, 2009

Washington DC, day 2

Museum & Monument day today!

We started off by heading to the National Mall and walking along it to the Washington Monument, where we picked up some tickets (free) for the 3pm ride to the top. It was 10am and already tickets for all the morning tours were gone, so it's good that we did!

Then we went back up the Mall to the Natural History Museum. We stayed here until it was time to return to WaMo. We spent a good amount of time in the dinosaur exhibit, early life (pre dino), ice age. We saw the 3D IMAX dinosaur movie, went to the butterfly house, went in the bone room (favorite!), reptile exhibit and the insect exhibit.

Then we headed back to the WaMo great views of the White House from up there (550ft up), the Lincoln Memorial , WWII Memorial and up the Mall to Congress (though that view would be better if a. The grass wasn't dead and b. The windows on the WaMo were clean!).

Then we descended and did a shortened monument tour around the WWII, lincoln, Vietnam monuments. By this time it was past 5pm, we were getting a little tired! Stopped for a coffee, then headed up to the White House. Views are not as good from the street as from the WaMo!

Walked along Pennsylvania ave to return back to the hotel and find a place for dinner. Stopped at "Harry's" for dinner, the back to the hotel by about 9pm! Roughly a 12hour day.


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