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Monday, October 26, 2009

Washington DC, day 5

Last day. We could have just sat in the hotel for three hours and used the pool again, but instead we headed for one more museum - The Smithsonian Native American Museum.

We only had a short time, as we needed to be at the airport by noon.

I know it seems wrong to cram thousands of years of culture and heritage into 2 hours, but to put it into perspective: we did the national archives in about 60 minutes (which covers 1776-present day) and Natural History in about 5 hours (which spans about a billion years). So it wasn't too bad now was it?

Still, it felt wrong when Debbie went up to the Native American guy on the information desk and said "We've only got an hour then we need to go get a plane, what's good?". She should have added "Not only did we Europeans take your land, we relegated you a foot note of our sightseeing trip.".

I have to say, the gift shop did remind me of the concession stalls of a folk festival. All pan-pipes and hand woven shawls.

I'm now on the plane back to California.

Appropriately, United Airlines have cancelled our direct flight to SFO, so we're flying via Denver. Fitting, as I say, as the only reason we got tickets to DC was to use-up some vouchers we had. We had free flight vouchers because United bumped us from a flight from chicago to San fran last christmas. Anyway, a two hour delay to SFO nothing to complain about really.


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