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Thursday, September 09, 2010

San Diego for Labor Day Weekend

Had a nice trip to San Diego at the weekend. Went down with the dive club for six dives on the wrecks they have down there (more dive details at http://www.ukdiveboy.com).

Didn't get much time for general sightseeing, as the diving was Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Driving to SD from San Jose takes a large chunk of the weekend, so not much time for anything else.

Did have a little time Saturday night to look around "Old Town San Diego". Old Town is a state park - think Columbia State Park, but more Mexican looking. Definitely worth a follow-up trip with the family.

Maybe fly down next time, or if I drive we need to stay three or four days and make the drive down a little more leisurely. Drove down on Friday night and had about 6hrs sleep in Castaic. Coming back on Sunday, I stopped over in Bakersfield and I was exhausted. I got to the motel at 7pm and was asleep at 8pm - slept for 12hours!


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