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Friday, November 04, 2011

Free Money From Apple

I love class action law suits! Especially ones you can join via the interweb.

Use the link below to get some money out of Apple. Most of it will go to some troll lawyer of course, but you'll get a dribble for yourself.

Just click the link below and pretent you bought whatever it was from Apple.


If you purchased an Apple iTunes gift card, you could get benefits under a class action settlement.

A proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit could affect you if you purchased an Apple iTunes gift card and the card or packaging to which it was attached contained language that “songs are 99¢” or other language indicating that songs are priced at 99¢ (referred to as a “99¢ iTunes gift card” in the rest of this Notice).

The settlement will provide you a $3.25 iTunes Store credit if you purchased or received a 99¢ iTunes gift card and used it to purchase one or more $1.29 songs from the iTunes Store on or before May 10, 2010.

Feel free to lie. After all, you're only lying to a weasely, money grabbing, bastard lawyer. No one will get hurt!

Legal Disclaimer: I did not falsify any claims in connection with the above mentioned class action lawsuit. Please don't lie to lawyers, they probably did make it illegal. Lawyers are professionals, they lie all the time, and are trained to do so and as so don't get hurt when they lie, but they will probably guarantee you do if you lie to them.


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