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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Liberals With Flamethrowers

I spent last week doing a bit of a road trip across country (to Wyoming). Once you get past Sacramento the choices of radio station get a bit weird. It's either "Christian Rock FM" or "Angry White Guy AM".

I took along as many NPR podcasts as a could, but eventually those ran out.

Ultimately I had to turn on the radio. My car does have a CD player, but it stopped working about 50000 miles ago. Christian Rock makes me nauseous pretty quickly, so I had to head to the 'AM dial' and listen to the angry old white men.

I kept hearing stories on these right-wing news stations about the evil left-leaning protesters who were turning flamethrowers on the 'good people exercising their first amendment rights to protest the removal of statues'. Every news report seemed to focus on gangs of liberals with sticks and flamethrowers.

Obviously, as I live in a left-wing bubble, none of my fake news stations (PBS, NPR, NBC, CNN, BBC, France-24, etc.) had mentioned liberals with flamethrowers.

Naturally, I was appalled that these people (whom I thought of as kindred spirits) would do such a thing. When I got back to the 'left coast' I thought it important to seek out the truth on leftist flamethrowers. I imagined hundreds of the Anti-Fa burning up buildings, cars, small children (Nazi children, but children all the same).

Imagine my surprise when my Google search turned up only this solitary image of the alt-left and their flamethrowers.

Picture of a man with a aerosol that has a flame coming out of it
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A care worker who fought off white supremacist attackers in Charlottesville with an improvised flame thrower said he had set out for a peaceful protest against “Nazis who took over my town”.

Looks to me like a solitary black man with hairspray, who was unfortunate enough to find himself in close proximity to a mob of angry racists.

Just for comparison, this is a picture of a body charred by Nazis with flamethrowers:
Image of human murdered by Nazi's with flamethrowers

Now, I'm not trying to condone the actions of the man with his hairspray. It's obviously a bad thing to do. But what we must see here is that the media on the right-wing have exaggerated this incident to ridiculous proportions, in an attempt to make out that the counter protesters were an unruly mob.

That is not a flamethrower. That man is not a mob. This does not warrant murdering someone with a Dodge Challenger. This does not legitimize Trump's claim of "blame on both sides".


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