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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Lounging Out Back

Saturday afternoon around 3pm.

This is the life! Just lounging in the back yard with the dog and my fifth Budwizer of the day.

Had a yard full of people round this morning. One of Ben's friends (and her family) is leaving the area to go back East :'-(

I suppose we should get used to people coming and going living around here. I suppose Ben will, this is the second time in his little 4 year lifetime that a friend has moved away (we're talking 3 time-zones away, not moving down the street here!).

Being from a small town in Yorkshire you get used to living in the same house with the same neighbours for 20 years. It's a bit sad for Debbie and I when people that we've just got used to 'suddenly' up and leave.

Anyway, we had a nice old party round at our place for them. I've had a few beers - though the plan was to not pig out and drink too much.

Rest of the day probably will be a write-off.

The dog's been good. Despite a garden full of pre-school kids and their parents and tasty food he was happy to be sat under our orange tree on his blanket with his toy.

He certainly seems to be resigned to constant harrassement from kids wanting to "stroke the big doggy".


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