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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Whale Watching - A rebuttal to Fantomex

Whale Watching with Fantomex

My comic-book hero friend Fantomex[1] is currently whining because we went whale watching in Monterey and we saw no whales. Actually, it's almost a year ago since we went, but that's by the by. Obviously still holding a grudge that it cost him $40 and half a day :-)

He's put the following picture up on his "site". Presumably he's having a dig at me because I'm always going on about how great California is and we have everything, whereas Leeds just has rain, homeless people and a tier 2 footy team.

Click for full size image
lock ness monster

It amazes me that he totally failed to see the pre-historic monster off the port bow. Should get his super-hero super-vision checked maybe :-P

[1] - Actually, he's no hero, he's just delusional.


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