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Monday, July 05, 2004

Camping Weekend - July 3

Nice relaxing day on the campsite.

Ben and I got up and went for a little explore - Ben on scooter, me on foot.

Debbie relaxed by the campfire with her book...

Explored the big river running through the campsiite.

Some hick redneck was letting his son shoot an air rifle into the river to 'catch fish'. Sure it's illegal. Anyway, there were no fish in the river ... but now there's lead.

I later found out that the river is a breeding ground for an endangered steelhead trout. So there you go, just adds a little extra red-ness to the rednecks neck. I knew the guy was a retard when he used the phrase "... let's wait 'till after we break camp.". I'm sorry, when you're on a three-day camping weekend with your kids I don't think 'putting the tent back in your truck' counts as 'breaking camp'. Maybe next-time your steering cows cross country with ol' Cherokee Bill and Tonto maybe "break camp" is an appropriate phrase to use. Anyway, I digress...

Checked out what looked like an old homesteader's house.

Ben made me do three puppet shows on the 'stage' before we could proceed. Basically consisted of me making a fool of myself doing 'Three Little Pigs' and other such stories at the side of a road as people walked passed and looked at me funny.

Went back to the campsite for 'full-English' breakfast.

Ben and I went down to the river for a swim. We arrived at the same time as about 100 Mexicans, so I thought we were going to get over-run and have nowhere to swim about, but luckily they were just there to baptise some of their clan. Most simply stood on the bank and clapped and sing as a few got dunked in the 60F river.

Water was exceptionally clear (dispite the recent addition of lead shot). Splashing about was great fun, even though it was damn cold. Ben wasn't having any of it. He sat at the side and ordered me to get cold and wet.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Debbie relaxed by the campfire with her book...

After drying off, we made pop-corn on the campstove and fotogrphed some of the local wildlife (stella-jay's and squirrels).

Ben and I went for a bikeride around the campground in the afternoon ... while Debbie relaxed by the campfire with her book...

Went looking for crayfish. Saw some crazyass asian-guy trying to fish for crabs in the river (I'm sure that must be illegal too).

Stopped for ice-cream on the ride back (Ben had a Ben & Jerry's "Cherry Garcia").

Got another damn puncture. I'm beginning to think it's having the extra weight of the Traile-bike that keeps popping my back tire, that's two tires for three rides. Fortunately we were nearly back to camp, so it wasn't a great hardship to wheel him (and the broken bike) back.

Finishing up the day with a bottle of red (wine) by the camp fire. Nice Copolla Claret. Very impressed with Francis' reds. The Cabs, the Zin and this have all been good. Fast becoming my favourite vintner. Must pay a visit to his 'shop' in Napa next time we're up there.


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