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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Getting Extreeeeeeeme

A-ha!! You thought I was doing something not geeky for a second there! You were wrong:

    JUnit: "JUnit is a simple framework to write repeatable tests."

I've been to many talks on the whole test driven development and Agile methodologies. I agree with some of it and especially automated testing, but I've been very lazy when it comes to developing the tests.

So I'm making amends on my last project. I'm going back to the code I wrote (2 months back) and I'm retro-fitting JUnit tests.

I've written automated tests before, but I have to say, the version of NetBeans that I'm currently using as my IDE is helping immensly with JUnit. It's right there on the context menu. I can right-click on a class in the IDE et ...

NetBean JUnit Menu Screen Shot


The main reason I'm doing the JUnit tests is to give the code to a colleague and make sure he doesn't break it when he ports it to J2ME.

It's true what they say about being scared about touching code because you don't want to break it. I'm currently looking at the code and thinking,

ooo, this class could do with a 'toString()' method and some statistics in it about execution time, but to do that I need to modify this and that and ... Eeek, I daren't incase I do something silly that stops the app working, then I'll have to go through and debug, and , etc..

So, I didn't have a new years resolution yet, but maybe it should be to always do test-first development from now on.


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