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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Trip to Napa

Wine tasting was good, though we didn't really do that much. Just visited one winery Summers , which we have visited before. They do a nice wine from the Charbono grape (go google it), which is only grown in about 4 wineries worldwide. Their Chardonnay turned out to be pretty good too, so I got me a bottle of that (though generally, I'm not a white person). Oh, and the port was tasty too, so I got a bottle of that, plus the two charbono. A reasonable catch.

The winery is next door to the Old Faithful Geyser (go google that too) so we had a good view of that blowing off while I was doing my tasting. We took Ben for a close-up view of it too, we're good parents like that. My dad would have left me in the car at the winery with a bag of crisps and some pop and told me that was as close as we were allowed to get. Not really ... my dad would never waste good beer money on wine. Also popped over to the Petrified forest to show ben some trees that are millllllions of years old. We took him there once before when he was too young to remember.

The B&B we stayed in was generous enough to have a wine tasting every night and given we were one of only three guests staying there we pretty much had the bottles of wine to ourselves. In good Yorkshire tradition we didn't leave a drop.


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