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Monday, November 23, 2009

My best Google Voice fail to date!

Message from Debbie, according to Google Voice...

Hi it's me. I'm sending out an email about assigned to use back and I just wanted to check week. Jam claiming if you could visit.
Let it without mistake fish,especially I watch passions, so give me a call placed.

FYI, Google Voice is a voicemail service that translates your incoming phone calls into text and emails them to you.  It does particularly bad at understanding Debbie's Yorkshire accent!  As of yet they have not added an option in their UI that allows me to list the place of birth of a caller ...


  • I'd be interested to know what the actual message was, that google voice mangled up so excellently! I can work out "give me a call please" but the bit about the fish....!

    By Blogger Rob, at 12/2/09, 2:06 PM  

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