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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good Diving, despite the weather

The wave model for this weekend was not so good, but I had a navigation class scheduled at 11am, so I headed down to Monterey anyway.

There was a dcosv club dive at 8am, so I went on that, it was at the Breakwater in Monterey. Entry seemed a bit rough, so I got a fin on before I entered the water, which may or may not have been a good idea. It made entry clumsy, but I was able to kick out past the breakers more quickly.

We didn't dive along the breakwater, as I usually would, we were swimming out North to look for an old cannery pipe. We didn't find the pipe, but we did see a lot of other cool stuff.

We were 'harassed' for a while by a sealion that would swim down to see us (about 50ft down at the time), swim around me, take a look, then swim off, to return a couple minutes later.

I saw two sunfish (or Mola Mola), weird looking creatures. Never seen those in Monterey before ('cept at the aquarium). There were a lot of jellyfish around too, someone suggested that's what attracted the sunfish in so close to shore.

Couple of really nice, big crabs, probably decorator crabs - my crab knowledge is not so great.

Unfortunately I didn't do too well with my air this weekend. I had to surface after about 35minutes dive time - though with a max depth of 60ish feet, that probably isn't too bad. Unfortunately I had quite a long surface swim back to the breakwater to exit. Fortunately there wasn't too much kelp, kelp-crawl is always the worst thing to be doing after a dive, when you don't have air spare.

As it turned out the navigation class was canceled, so I did a second dive club dive. There wasn't much to see on the second dive. The surge was also getting bad. Again, it wasn't a very long dive.


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