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Monday, July 05, 2004

Camping Weekend - July 4

We got an 'early' start and drove into Monterey. We knew it'd be busy for the July 4 celebrations.

First stop was the bike shop, to buy a new tire. Got a 'Thorn resistant' to see if that's what I need to hold the extra pressure due to Ben's trailer-bike.

Went to the aquarium for a few hours. They have a new shark exhibit that we wanted to see. Turned out to be not as good as we expected - not enough sharks! It was more historic display of people's interaction and misconceptions of sharks; from ancient hawiian shark-god worship to Jaws. And not forgetting shark-fin soup - what a stupid idea that is.

Did some beach time after the aquarium.

Then went to The London Bridge, English pub. Three pints of Smithwick's. We had a great spot for the 4th of July fireworks, the fireworks were on a barge in the bay. Admittedly, there's something ironic about watching the Independance Day fireworks from inside and English pub, but there you go.

I have to say the fireworks were a somewhat disappointing. San Fran is much better.

Ben cried because the fireworks were too noisey. But didn't want to miss any of it.

Got back to the camp-site around midnight. Long day!


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