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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Calendar Spam

Has anyone ever experienced "Calendar Spam"?

On Yahoo! calendar there's a link at the bottom of a calendar event entitled "tell others about this event?" and a URL:
http://calendar.yahoo.com/?v=60&ST=20 ... DESC=Call+900-Spam-guy

In the past, if you sent the link to someone and they clicked it, the event would immediately add to their Yahoo! calendar (assuming Yahoo! login cookie was set).

Since yesterday Yahoo! seem to have implemented a confirmation page. Following the link prompts you to confirm the addition of the event to your calendar.

Presumably it was possible in the past for people to embed the URL in an IMG tag on some dubious websites and SPAM peoples online calendar. e.g.,
9am Tuesday - Remember to order Viagra
Tel: 1-900-Spam-guy

Possible, but I wonder if it ever happened?

Anyone think of other online calendar services that might be susceptible, where I can try it out?


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