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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Make $100/hour for doing nothing!!

Well, you need to turn off your firewall and virus scanner, but other than that just do nothing!

    "LONDON (Reuters) - Vast networks of home computers are being rented out without their owners' knowledge to spammers, fraudsters and digital saboteurs, security experts said on Wednesday.

    Yahoo! News - Home PCs Rented Out in Sabotage-For-Hire Racket

    The terminals have been infected by a computer virus, turning them into 'zombies' -- slaves to the commands of a malicious and unseen controller."

Hmmm, some kind of firewall product might be the answer.

Maybe - as part of the big chunk of change you pay to your ISP every month - they could provide some level of port scanning to their customers to see how wide open they are. They could probe for known bots and look for traffic signatures. Presumbly these bots all use some kind of p2p protocol to communicate back to their mother-bot.

Admittedly there'd be issues with SBC doing port scans every day on my machine. I mean, they might notice there's a webserver running on port xxxx of my machine, but that's not a 'bot, it's my server. I don't want constant emails warning me about my own webserver.

But most mugs don't intentionally run servers from home, or if they do, they should know which port it's on and could do a selective disable of the ISP scan on that port.

In the meantime, Shields-Up is a good free service that can be used to do a quick port scan of your machine - based on the IP address that it sees when you connect to their site. RUN IT NOW!


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