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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hacking Wireless Routers - Port 32764


After his post, other hackers around the world did further research, that shows that these devices are made by Sercomm, meaning that Cisco, Watchguard, Belkin and various others may be affected as well.

I think what this has really exposed is that Cisco (and others) were just rebranding cheap third-party wireless routers and selling them on to us for a quick profit.

Probably why Cisco sold-off Linksys this year, they couldn't make any more out of it.

I'd recommend paying a visit to Steve Gibson's Shields-Up and using his port32764 scan.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tony Fadell talks Thermostats, Apple ... and how shit Philips is :)

Fadell also talked a bit about his experience at Philips before joining Apple. At Philips, he said, the depressing thing for many engineers was that many products never made it to market ...

Yes, we worked at Philips when it had some particularly unimaginative leaders here in Silicon Valley.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Smart Pill Bottle

... taking medication on time every day is a matter of life and death. AdhereTech has created a ... smart pill bottle to take the pressure off those who need to take pills on a regular basis.

Why does it sound familiar?

Ever have the problem that you forgot ... to take your meds!?

This nifty little invention incorporates several pieces of tech into the cap of the medication bottle to track when you take drugs, plus remind you if you forget.

My patent was granted in August 2003. Apparently I'm a decade a head of my time! Maybe you want to go over to my workbench to take a look at the everyday items you will be craving in 2024 :)

Thursday, January 09, 2014

7 Awesome Cars Under $25,000


I guess my criteria of "awesome" is different from theirs, cuz I just don't think I could fit all my dive gear in any of these cars!

WebOS on an LG TV

WebOS will let users choose a Netflix or YouTube video from their phones or tablets, and then send the video to the television

Of course it will. I imagine I can just use Tap to Share to move content from my Pre3 or Touchpad to the TV.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Cash Machines Robbed with Infected USB drive

I wouldn't criticize the ATM vendors for using commodity PC hardware to make Cash Machines, however, they might have figured it would be a good idea to disable "Boot From Floppy" in the BIOS before they shipped the units!

A high-tech criminal group in Europe has been infecting ATMs (cash machines) with malware, and then completely emptying the machines without a trace ... The hack is carried out by plugging an infected USB stick into ATMs that run Windows XP.

I'm not even going to blame Microsoft for this one. There's no suggestion that they exploited Windows to do this ... although I suppose you can still blame Microsoft as BIOS was their idea.