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Monday, May 30, 2016

Redworks - 3D printing habitats on Mars.

If you're going to invest in 3D printed housing, then you may as well add "... on Mars" to it!

3D printed underground habitat on Mars, reminiscent of a Nautilus shell.

Great concept, very interesting. Spoke to the guys at this years Makerfaire.
- http://www.redworks3d.com/the-hab.html

Always read the fine print!

When it comes to unpleasant experiences, buying printer ink is up there with (a) the dentist chair and (b) dropping your soap in a shower room of a Turkish prison.

Today's shopping excursion re-enforced it for me.

Cannon PGB250: Do you buy the normal size, or the "XL"?
  • Normal: $15.99
  • XL: $24.99

Could be quite a savings. Only $9 extra. Presumbly for twice the ink...

Robbing basterds

Hold on a minute.
  • 15ml for $15.99 is 1.066 $/ml
  • 22ml for $24.99 is 1.136 $/ml

If you're not good with the numbers, let me paraphrase: bend over pretty boy.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Android Instant Apps: 1995 just called and asked for it's idea back

How one of Google's ambitious new projects is 'breaking' app creators' worlds — in a good way
...people can tap on a URL and open an Android app instantly without having to install it...

Wow, what a concept. Click on a link and you can immediately see information. No need to download and install an app to view it. Back in the '90s we called that a web page. Then we called it an "Applet", after that we called it "Flash", more recently we call it "malware". But now, we call it "a new idea from Google".

Great work!

The thing we heard from every developer was, ‘Oh my god, this changes the way we think about things,’
Shobana Ravi

Oh Shobana, now I'm just embarrased!