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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can you eat a banana underwater?


I was reading this article about someone attempting to stay underwater for 5 days, which got me wondering how you eat underwater!

I suppose you can survive on smoothies and other 'suckable' food-stuffs. You know, things that will go through a straw. But would it be possible to eat real food?

Then as I read further through the article, it sounds like the lake he's in isn't the type of fluid you'd want your food stuffs to come in contact with! Maybe sticking to a liquid lunch is the right way to go.

Then there is the issue of "waste disposal". Does he plan to wear a diaper for five days? Surely he would need to change it once a day to avoid nappy-rash, which presents a floater risk. I'm not sure he's sufficiently thought this thing through.

I applaud his efforts to promote environmental stewardship though. Good luck Allen!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Using Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth

Hey they're not my words, but I totally dig the metaphor.

CE-Oh no he didn't!: Anssi Vanjoki says using Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth -- Engadget

Do people really fall for this shit?

In an email I recently received from the 'us postal service':

This is to notify you that we have intercepted your parcel from DHL COURIER SERVICE is making the delivery and we have stopped the delivery process for some security reasons stated below:

Our scanning system has detected that your parcel contains a confirmable CARD to the tune of US$1,500,000.00 USD.

The email went on to state I needed a sworn affidavit from the spanish government before the parcel could be released.  No surprise, an affidavit is easily obtained, by simply sending $98 to some guy in spain ... Here's his email address if you want it:

Name: Mr Edward Wright
Email address: wright@dhlhome.net
Tel: 011 34672809778

Monday, September 20, 2010



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take a tablet people!

I have to admit, I'm crap when it comes to boats! I get sick at the slightest bit of choppiness.

So it was a guity pleasure on that recent boat dive when I managed to not hurl during the dive. I didn't even feel slightly queasy! I was even able to pig out on the food provided on the boat!

What was really satisfying was seeing so many of the other divers having such a rough time and chumming the water ;)

At one point there were so many divers hanging lifelessly off the back of the boat, I felt like I was in a scene from some 'lost at sea' movie. I wondered how many weeks we'd been out there and who I would need to eat first.

All props to the Dramamine. One 'Less Drowsey Formula' tablet an hour before getting on the boat. I have to assume this is what saved me.

Take a Tablet People!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Automated Frog Feeder!

Simple Arduino project to automatically feed Ben's frogs when we're out of town!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Bike Ride

The plan was to go to Monterey today and have a nice leisurely ride along the trail there, stopping periodically for beach time and snacks!

Unfortunately, Debbie and I had a bit too much to drink last night ... though Debbie says it was mainly me that drank the champagne, but that's another story. Anyway, didn't feel like getting up at 7am to drive down to Monterey (you have to go early to miss the traffic). So instead, we went for a short ride along the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Can't believe I've never made it to this bay-side trail in all the years I've lived in the bay area. Really nice ride. Lots of wetlands, "sloughs" I believe they call some of it on the West Coast! Salt flats, where, surprisingly, Cargill are still making "sea salt", right there alongside our sofisticated silicon valley businesses.

Lots of wildlife: ducks, egrets, pelicans, butterflys, dragonflys. Sadly the trail doesn't let you get all the way to Shoreline (which was our intent), but supposedly it will come September 20 this year!

View Bikeride - SF Bay Trail Sept 2010 in a larger map

Thursday, September 09, 2010

San Diego for Labor Day Weekend

Had a nice trip to San Diego at the weekend. Went down with the dive club for six dives on the wrecks they have down there (more dive details at http://www.ukdiveboy.com).

Didn't get much time for general sightseeing, as the diving was Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Driving to SD from San Jose takes a large chunk of the weekend, so not much time for anything else.

Did have a little time Saturday night to look around "Old Town San Diego". Old Town is a state park - think Columbia State Park, but more Mexican looking. Definitely worth a follow-up trip with the family.

Maybe fly down next time, or if I drive we need to stay three or four days and make the drive down a little more leisurely. Drove down on Friday night and had about 6hrs sleep in Castaic. Coming back on Sunday, I stopped over in Bakersfield and I was exhausted. I got to the motel at 7pm and was asleep at 8pm - slept for 12hours!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sundown Lounge Podcast episode 227

Great opening track, by Johnny angel/Johnny and the Wasted Knights
- Shut-up already, the ditto head song