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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Good God, that's just not British!


Lloyd's of London, an anchor of the city's financial industry, has banned its employees from drinking during office hours.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Favorite TV shows

My favorite shows right now are "Hunted" and "Tiny Homes".

Something tells me these will both serve me well in the near future ...  when the nationalistic death squads come by looking to round-up the migrants.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Trump gives America's 'poorest white town' hope


Note to self: Check in on these folks in 4 years, to see how rich they've become under Trump.

People in places like this need opportunities to work, that's a fact. What frustrates me is that these people are promised "we'll bring back the coal mines". It would be better to make new industries, not force back the old ones. Value and growth comes from innovation,, not stagnation.

Do they really want to work in a coal mine? I doubt it, but that's what they know best, so they cling to it (I say).

These people need the tools to innovate: education, motivation, ambition, and a vivid imagination. Donald's not providing that.

Bringing back old industries seems to be Trump's solution to unemployment. I think it's unfair to people. Give them hope of a better future, by sticking them in a hole in the ground, mining a product that no one wants any more.

Better to be like Nevada and build gigafactories making Li-Ion batteries.

But I see why they voted for Trump. The incumbents have failed them for years, so they vote for (the promise of) something new.

In the mean-time: While Donald is in the process of resurrecting extinct industries, I hope he does find time to revive those abandoned California goldrush towns.  Those were abandoned 100 years ago, when the gold ran out, and the people all MOVED ON TO FIND WORK ELSEWHERE RATHER THAN SITTING ON THEIR ASSESS AND BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR THEIR PREDICAMENT.  

But it sure would be nice if Bodie were bustling again Donald!  It's a travesty they God took away all the gold from them there hills.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Unfortunate system failure, or "denial of service"? My conclusion: Gillette is ripping me off.

Well, I hate to go all "conspiracy theory" on you, but it seems to me like Gillette intentionally design their shaving foam system to die before you get all of the foam out of the can.

Too often I get part-way through a canister that stops delivering foam. After dismantling the container, I was surprised to find exactly how the thing works, and how little actual shaving foam you're getting for your money.